December (2000) I joined the hundreds of thousands of people who have gotten Lasik surgery and are now glasses free.  I wore glasses for over 20 years and now I see 25/15!  It's wonderful to be able to wake up in the morning and not have to reach for my glasses in order to start my day.

    Here is where I got my surgery done.  Dr. Motwani is the doctor who did my surgery and is also designated as the San Diego Padres official eye surgeon.

It's now 7 years later, and my vision is still very good.  I definitely don't miss the need for wearing glasses or contacts to be able to see across the room or even just a few feet away without things being blurry.
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I (for obvious reasons) no longer use my LANSolutions address for e-mail correspondence.  So if you need to reach me please use my address.

I try to check my mail daily, but it's not a guarantee.  So if you write, please don't be offended if I don't get back to you in a timely fashion. =)
As of May 30, 2007, I have officially changed my job title to "stay-at-home mommy".  I left my company on good terms so I may or may not come back and do contract work for them if I find that I have the time to do so.  After being with LANSolutions for about 8 years I had changed to telecommutting work for them, working as a “Remote Monitoring Specialist."  They’re based out the Sorrento Valley area and I’ve previously done a lot of work Downtown, Orange County and occasionaly in Hawaii for them when my original job description was Systems Engineer.  This role involved playing Sys Admin for 4 hour shifts at various client sites, where they may or may not have had an IS staff or had a small IS staff and needed additional IT help.  However, that all changed in April 2007 when my parents no longer were going to be watching after Kai on a daily basis and I became a "part-time" Stay-at-Home Mommy.  In order to provide some additional and regular income to the household, I worked out a deal with my company to be able to continue working on our remote monitoring service but from home; hence the title change.

So I worked a couple of hours or so from home but over time, the "little boss" at home needed more and more of my time in the mornings when I needed to be available for client needs, and I became more and more of a night owl to find time to do stuff I couldn't during the day.  However,  night time hours weren't going to work out well for our client needs.  So I finally signed off on all of that official paperwork and said my goodbyes.

Check out our company web site if your company is looking for intelligent systems integration, IS outsourcing or other computer engineering needs.
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